November First Faculty Friday Development Presentation “Integrating Interprofessional Education into

Presented by: Department of Veterans Affairs, Employee Education System and Academic Affiliations

Program Start: November 3, 2017 Program End: November 3, 2017

The purpose of this training is to address the need for further training for educators of learners in the health professions. This need is widely cited in the literature. In a survey of hospital-based teaching faculty, Houston et al. (2004) found the following low percentages of teachers who reported having previous training in basic educational skills: 56% in evaluation of learners, 33% in mentoring skills, 47% in how to use role play, 37% in time management, and 50% in outpatient precepting. Further, few faculty members likely have experience teaching newer educational competencies including quality improvement, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and interprofessional care. This lack of training highlights the need for continued and sustained faculty development programming.

In addition, there are increasing requirements from accrediting bodies that clinicians who participate in training are also actively engaged in academic activities dedicated to improving the quality of teaching and supervision. Few national faculty development programs exist that are easily accessible to educators from all health professions. Therefore, the VA needs to develop a cost-effective, high quality faculty development program to train the faculty who will educate the next generation of health care professionals, in both urban and rural settings. This knowledge based, live, virtual webinar will focus on expanding the use of technology and engaging learners throughout the information processing cycle by interactive tools and utilizing technology to engage learners.

Physicians (MDs and DOs),Non-Physician Healthcare Staff, Registered Nurses and Advanced Practice Nurses, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Registered Dieticians, Social Workers, Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Therapists, Dentists, and Healthcare Executives who mentor and/or train resident and intern staff can all benefit from this training. Secondary audience may include Speech or Language Pathologists and their support staff, Audiologists, Occupational Therapists and their assistants as well as well as all staff supporting faculty who train resident and intern staff. At the conclusion of this educational program, learners will be able to both identify evidence based practices to effective communication and apply these techniques to current teaching and clinical practices.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits can be earned with the completion of this hour-long course. A computer workstation with telephone capability is necessary if a participant cannot attend local site for viewing. Participants will need to register through Talent Management System (TMS) and access the presentation on Adobe Connect, review EES program brochure, attend and participate in 100% of program activity, complete posttest exam at a minimum passing score of 80% and submit program evaluation no later than 12/3/2017.

Click Here to Register in TMS.

All faculty members at VA Boston and at VAs nationwide are invited to attend the inter-professional First Friday Faculty Development presentation series. Presentations will be held on the first Friday of the month at 12:00PM Eastern time at all VA Boston campuses and remotely via online and audio conferencing.

To receive CE credits, follow the steps at the bottom of this email or in the attached brochure.

Learners must pre-register for the course using this link: Integrating Interprofessional Education into the Health Professions Training Curriculum and access the course through TMS in order to receive credit.

Please join us on Friday, November 3 at 12:00PM Eastern time for Dr. Peter Cahn’s talk on “Integrating Interprofessional Education into the Health Professions Training Curriculum.”

Dr. Cahn is the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.

National audience:

  • Lync and VANTS from your office computer.

  • Lync: https://meet.RTC.VA.GOV/david.topor/WK156N5S (access this link via TMS if you are interested in earning CE; decline audio)

  • VANTS line is: 1.800.767.1750; 33694# (please mute your line)

  • Call-in number for Pic-Tel video is 99401041000. (please mute your line)

At VA Boston:

  • The talk will be live at West Roxbury, Bignami Conference Room 2B-100-3, Building 3, 2nd floor.

  • Pic-Tel at Jamaica Plain in B10-52C/D

  • Pic-Tel at Brockton Building 5 Room C210.

Program Brochure

Talks are now being recorded and uploaded to VA Pulse.

Instructions for Completing Registration in TMS

Registration: It is essential that you use the course link and follow the instructions below to register for Integrating Interprofessional Education into Health Professions Training in TMS by 11/3/2017.

Integrating Interprofessional Education into the Health Professions Training Curriculum

Instructions for Registration:

  1. If you have not registered for the course:

  2. Control-Click on the Item Link above.

  3. Log in to TMS.

  4. On the right side of the page there are 4 buttons: “Assign to Me”, “Start Course” and “Register Now”.

  5. Select the “Register Now” button.

  6. After you select “Register Now”, all of your offering choices will appear. Select the time/date that works with your schedule.

(NOTE: If you select “Add to Learning Plan” option, this will add the training to your My Learning pod, but it does not register you for the training. You will then need to Register Now and register.)

  1. After clicking on the “Register Now” button, the date, time and location for the scheduled offering will appear.

  2. Select this program by clicking on the “Register Now” button to the right of the offering.

  3. On the next page, you will click on the “Confirm” button on the upper right side of the page. This will register you and add the training to your My Learning/No Due Date and you will receive an enrollment email confirmation from TMS.

Instructions for Completing Posttest

  1. Log in to TMS.

  2. If the program is live and you have registered for the course, search for the program in the My Learning pod. You can click on the word “Filter” in the upper right corner of the pod. That will give you keyword and other search filters.

  3. Click the “Link to Posttest” if the Posttest doesn’t open automatically

  4. *Be sure you have completed all the content objects listed before the posttest first

The Posttest will open in a separate window.

*Note: If you don’t see the new window, check behind other open windows.

  1. Complete the Posttest. Once submitted, you will be directed to a screen which provides your percent score for the test, and indicates if it is a passing score. Note your score and close the window.

  2. Click “Return to Online Content Structure.”

  3. Once you have passed the Posttest with a score of 80% or better, you have completed your Posttest requirement for this course, and should see a green check mark and completion date next to the Link to Posttest. (Note: If you did not achieve a passing score, you can retake the Posttest using the same Posttest link contained in the TMS Content Structure).

Instructions for Verification of Attendance

1. Log in to TMS

2. If you have not registered for the course, you will need to do so

3. When the program is over, find the course in your My Learning pod

4. Click on Start Course or Continue Course button to the right of the course title

5. Look for the link titled “Confirm Attendance”

6. Before clicking on this link, be sure you have completed all links before “Confirm Attendance”

7. Click on Confirm Attendance

8. A new window will open and say ‘Thank you! Your attendance is now confirmed. Please close window”

9. Click “Close Window”

10. You have now verified your registration for this course, and should see a green check mark and completion date next to the “Confirm Attendance”

Instructions for Completing Evaluation in TMS to Access Accredited Certificate

Please note: Program evaluations must be completed within 30 days of the conclusion of the program in order to receive a program certificate

After the program is over, you must complete the self-certification in TMS. If you did not register for the program, the TMS administrator will reconcile the registration list and mark you complete. You must still complete the evaluation before you can receive your certificate.

  1. Log in to TMS

  2. Locate the course on your My Learning

  3. For Enduring Material: Click on Continue Course

  4. For Enduring Material: Be sure you have completed all the objects

  5. For Enduring Material: Click on the Self-Certification and self-certify, if appropriate

  6. Locate the pending evaluation on your My Learning in the Due Later section, under course title.

  7. Click on “Start Course Survey”.

  8. Complete evaluation content and click “Submit”.

  9. Click “Return to Online Content Structure.”

  10. Follow the below instructions to access your accreditation certificate.

ACPE considers credit as a statement of credit instead of a certificate of credit

To access your accredited certificate in TMS, please follow the steps below:

  1. From the Home screen in TMS, click on “My History.”

  2. Hover the mouse over the title of the program, and click “View Details” in the popup window that appears. DO NOT click on the “Print Certificate” here – this will give you the generic TMS certificate.

  3. In the Completed Work Details screen, you should see a section named “Accreditation Details.”

  4. Click the “Print Accredited Certificate” button next to your requested Accreditation.

Your Accredited certificate should appear on the screen for you to save or print.

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