Physical Therapy Residency Program

The VA Boston Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service recently received accreditation for the Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program by the American Physical Therapy Association. Throughout a one-year clinical experience, residents have the opportunity to practice patient-centered physical therapy with the emphasis on neurology under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced mentors. Residents rotate through both inpatient and outpatient settings and participate in adaptive sports clinics, specialty wheelchair clinics, ALS clinic, community outings, home evaluations, aquatics, and assistive technology training (Bioness devices and FES bicycles). The resident serves as a teaching assistant in the neurology lab at Simmons College and completes a rotation in pediatrics at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown. In addition to clinical experience, the residency program curriculum is supplemented by didactic learning. Residents are offered on-site learning experiences including grand rounds, a journal club, evidence-based staff in-service teaching, and vendor trainings.

PM&R welcomed the third resident, Lindsay Beatty PT, DPT, in November, 2018. Lindsay comes from an inpatient rehabilitation background with a specialty in stroke rehabilitation and is LSVT certified for treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Lindsay is currently in her inpatient Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation rotation and shows great ambition to improve her clinical and professional skills. Lindsay is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the Veterans she serves and their family members. Lindsay’s growth towards an advanced clinician is supported by the great mentorship skills of many of the physical therapists within the Physical Therapy Department. Amy Hill PT, DPT, Heather Jennings PT, DPT, Jessica Allen PT, DPT, Kathryn Foy PT, DPT, Denise Dennehy PT, DPT, and Sarah Cleary PT, DPT, deserve special recognition as the mentorship team and backbone of this residency program.

Anyone interested in the residency program should contact Jayna Rogers PT, DPT, Residency Program Director, at for more details.

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