Chillicothe VA Grant

Educators at VA Boston received a grant from the Chillicothe VA to travel to their campus in order to develop and implement faculty development programming for their educators. Four VA Boston educators gave presentations on providing effective feedback to trainees, using active and activity-based teaching strategies, and developing interprofessional curricula. The presentations were followed by small group discussions to help Chillicothe faculty implement these strategies in their specific setting. The trip was a success and VA Boston looks forward to continuing our collaboration with Chillicothe and other sites to help ensure that all VA Medical Centers provide a high-quality training experience for learners from all health professions.

Faculty are (left to right): Heather Davidson, Marcus Ruopp, Andrea Schwartz, Marianne Burda, and David Topor. Dr. Burda is the ACOS-E of the Chillicothe VA;

other faculty are from VA Boston.

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