After an affiliation agreement has been established, the VHA Boston Healthcare System program POC will need to make arrangements for trainees within the service/specialty area. These considerations may include space, supervision, availability of computer terminals, etc.

In addition, several contacts within our organization are necessary to allow for a smooth orientation, computer access, and parking. It is essential that contacts are made with adequate time to allow the various support services to prepare for the trainees. Good communication with support services will result in smooth processes and enhance the perception of the VA as an "employer of choice."


These support service contacts include:

HR - (Stipend Trainees Only) Three weeks prior to the entry process HR will need the names and social security numbers of the trainees/residents and the date and time that they will arrive at the facility. The Entry process on their arrival date will include:

Verification of their Application. NOTE: Stipend trainees should have the completed form with them when they report to HR. This is the responsibility of the service/specialty program POC.

Note: Persons who do not have a completed approved application will NOT be allowed access to the facility or to start their rotation until HR has this this completed document.

Signed Statement of Commitment letter. NOTE: The service/specialty POC is responsible for assuring students have this document completed, including signatures, and that it is turned in to HR.

TMS-2.0 - In order to create a computer account, each Student Coordinator is required to submit a completed Request for Computer Access and Registration to obtain computer access for their incoming trainees.

TMS-2.0  is a required part of the VA Credentialing process and must be submitted as a part of your credentialing packet.   Please refer to these instructions as your TMS guide. If you have any questions regarding TMS reach out to the Boston TMS team at VHABHSTMSHelp@va.gov

VA Police - Contact police to make arrangements for parking information and to issue parking sticker. This is only required for personnel who will be here over 1 month. Other Trainees are not required to have parking passes, but are asked to park in employee parking when possible.

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