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Physician Assistant (PA) Training Program 

Program Director – Laura Fiore PA-C MPAS

The VA Boston Physician Assistant (PA) Training Program has been integral part of the six Boston and surrounding area PA Programs for more than a decade. Our focus is to offer exceptional clinical training opportunities in all areas of medicine, surgery and mental health as it relates to caring for our Veterans. We primary take part in the clinical phase of a 2 year Master’s level PA program which requires PA students to rotate in 8 areas of medicine, surgery and mental health in addition to specialty electives as part of their full time clinical training in their final year of PA education.

PA’s are trained in a team based approach to medicine and have the ability to practice in any specialty upon graduation from pediatrics to neurosurgery. Our PA trainees have the opportunity to interact and learn from nearly all professions at all levels in our medical center being the largest training facility in VHA nationwide. Our goal at VA Boston is to train every PA student for practice and how to care for our unique veteran population. We accomplish this by allowing them to become an integral part of our patient care teams, not simply observation. Our highly qualified and experienced PA preceptors who supervise our students encompass not only PA’s but our MD and NP colleagues. We realize the importance of each professions training and input as well as being acutely familiar with the depth and breadth of knowledge that is the PA Profession and our PA training which aligns with that of the medical model. 

As Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary medicine move rapidly to the forefront of our language and practice in Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) the PA profession is unique in that it has never trained in a silo. Our profession was born out of the MD-PA team and work closely with all other professions including NP, SW, PT, OT, Psychology, Pharmacy and many more in all areas of practice. Our PA training program has adapted to this transition over the past few years as other healthcare professions are now adopting similar integration models by inviting other professions and trainees alike to directly participate in planned PA training activities. Learning activities for which all professions could gain knowledge of not only the patients they are caring for but the scope of practice of other involved in the patient care team. Such activities would include Interprofessional participation in daily patient rounds, morning report and team meetings, as well as lecture series and discussion sessions offered as part of our ongoing educational curriculum. We have also offered to our PA program affiliates the opportunity to bring these Interprofessional teams back to the classroom in the form of providing workshops to further expand their knowledge.

We are very proud to also partner with our PA program affiliates for our Veteran to PA Program. This program is unique to VA Boston HS in which we work closely with all 6 Boston area PA Programs and Veterans, prospective or current PA students, offering such opportunities to have a focused clinical training experience and mentorship at VA Boston. To learn more about this important training program of Veterans caring for Veterans please visit

One of our goals at VA Boston is to be able to not only provide the best possible care to our Veteran population but to recruit the finest and most highly qualified candidates and often this comes from such programs as our VA Boston PA trainees and affiliates. To learn more about these programs and other PA educational activities at VA Boston HS please feel free to contact, Laura Fiore PA-C, Director of PA Education.


VA Credentialing Orientation Guide for PA Class of 2020

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Program Director – Laura Fiore PA-C MPAS

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