RECC Information for Trainees.

           New England GRECC has two-sites located at the VA’s in Bedford and Boston.  Jonathan Bean, MD is the Director of the New England GRECC.



                                  New England GRECC has three major areas of research:

                                       (1) The aging brain;

                                       (2) Technology in the care of older veterans;

                                       (3) Function and frailty.   

Our research spans from basic science to the implementation of innovative clinical care. We have made substantial contributions to understanding how trauma, alcohol and vascular risk factors affect aging.  We are developing and examining new approaches to telehealth and technology applications.  Our research on function and frailty examines methods to enhance mobility and prevent falls in older adults, as well as the the role of frailty in healthcare.  We also systematically evaluate our clinical innovations and educational activities using research methods.

                                   New England GRECC conducts staff and trainee                                            education in aging. GRECC is home to the Advanced              Fellowship in aging – intended for clinicians who have completed their clinical training to focus protected time on research training.  In addition, GRECC funds 23 Associated Health Trainees across 11 disciplines.  We also work closely with our academic affiliates to develop geriatric medicine education at Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine.   Through GRECC-Connect we provide education to rural providers in New England, and through GRECC-Geriatric Scholars we host onsite didactics and practicum.  Finally, we offer lectures and webinars open to all.



                                   Clinical care for aging Veterans is provided through                                      clinical services such as Geriatrics.  In contrast,                                          GRECC is charged to develop, evaluate, and disseminate new models of care.  For example, at Boston, the Coordinated Transitions of Care (C-TraC) program is testing a model of post-discharge management to reduce inappropriate re-admissions.  At Bedford, we are is conducting the evaluation of the Geriatric Psychiatry Unit (GPU).



What is a GRECC?

The VHA developed Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers (GRECCs) to attract scientists and health science students to the field of geriatrics in order to help increase the basic knowledge of aging, transmit this knowledge to health care providers, and improve the quality of care delivered to older adults. 

                                     with us through the opportunities listed below!



Access Aging Lectures in the GRECC Team App.  For a list of aging lectures you can attend locally and nationally please download “Team App” on your mobile device and request membership in Team GRECC.  Or, you can request membership via your desktop at teamapp.com.  If you are interested in attending an event you can click on it to receive more information about registration and to sync events with your mobile or desktop calendar. 

Apply for Advanced Fellowships:  We are home to advanced fellowships for physician, dentist and associated health trainees.  After completion of clinical training, fellows complete 1-2 years of additional training focusing on research under the close mentorship of a GRECC faculty member while contributing to clinical care.

Participate in Research Training in Aging. We offer research grant review meetings and other research training as coordinated by our Associate Director for Research Education, Dr. Regina McGlinchey.

Work with Other Trainees interested in Aging. GRECC trainees work in audiology, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, psychology, social work, speech, occupational therapy, optometry, and medicine.  As the care of the older adult is by necessity interprofessional, we encourage trainees to work across disciplines.  For example, you may invite trainees from other disciplines to present in your program’s didactics; ask to shadow another discipline in clinic; or work together on a quality improvement project.

For more information about these educational opportunities or to submit an educational event for the Team GRECC app please contact:    Jennifer.moye@va.gov.

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