4th year Externship



in Audiology

The VA Boston Healthcare System announces THREE Full time positions for students completing their 4th year Externship Fiscal Year 2020.  The starting date will be May 2020 through May 2021.  This is negotiable depending on the availability of the successful candidate.

Our Mission:



To provide the highest quality care for veterans with audiological disorders  with evidence based practices, utilizing state of the art equipment.   We provide a wide range of Audiological services including complete Audiological evaluations,  Vestibular Evaluations (VNG, Rotary Chair, & Posturography), Auditory Evoked Potentials,  Compensation and Pension exams, Hearing aid evaluation, selection, and fitting, Hearing Aid Repair Walk-in Clinic, Real Ear Hearing Aid Verification, Assistive Listening Device Evaluation including FM and Bluetooth technology, Auditory Rehabilitation Group, Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM), Auditory Processing Evaluations, Tele-Audiology hearing aid fittings, checks, and Aural Rehabilitation. The goal of our training program is to prepare you to become a skilled and independent Audiologist.

About VA BHS

VA Boston Healthcare System provides more traineeships to budding healthcare professionals than any VA in the country and the interprofessional experience is unmatched.  VABHS is the largest consolidated facility in VISN 1, encompasses 3 main campuses. The consolidated facility consists of the Jamaica Plain Campus, located in the heart of Boston’s Longwood Medical Community; the tertiary care West Roxbury Campus, located on the Dedham line; and the Brockton Campus, located 20 miles south of Boston.

Your Position: (Audiology)

  • THREE Full time (2080 hours) positions for one year in Audiology

  • Total compensation including benefits:  


  • Applications consists of: Cover letter, resume, transcript (unofficial is okay) and 3 letters of recommendation with at least two of them from clinical placements.  

  • Applications accepted from Sept 1, 2019-Novemeber 1, 2019.  Selections by December 2019.


Accepting applications now through


Any questions please contact:

Danielle Stiles, Au.D

VA Boston Healthcare System
150 South Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02130


Work: 857-364-4769


“The faintest sound which the listener can hear, not when he is reading the newspaper or enjoying a nap, but when his attention is focused on that particular sound.”

--C.C. Bunch, Ph.D.

Audiology Services Include:


  • Audiologic evaluation 

  • Vestibular Evaluation (VNG, Rotary Chair, Posturography)

  • Auditory evoked potential 

  • Compensation and Pension exams

  • Hearing aid evaluation, selection, and fitting 

  • Hearing Aid Repair Walk-in Clinic

  • Real Ear Hearing Aid Verification

  • Assistive Listening Device Evaluation including FM and Bluetooth technology

  • Auditory Rehabilitation Group

  • Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM)

  • Auditory Processing Evaluations

  • Tele-Audiology (hearing aid fittings, hearing aid checks, aural rehab)

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